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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be charged for the service upon booking?

No. A debit/credit card number will be taken when booking INCASE of a no-show. There is a no-show fee if appointments aren't canceled within 24 hours. Please cancel in advance to avoid charges.

Can pregnant women benefit from an Aztec Massage?

Yes! An Aztec Massage helps relax the hip muscles. They can become tense during pregnancy. Aztec also helps to relieve tense muscles in the lower back and throughout the body. This helps to decrease pain and increase quality of life during pregnancy.

Can an Aztec Massage help Fibromyalgia?

Yes! Fibromyalgia normally comes from calcium deposits on the bones which come from the body trying to protect the muscles.In those cases, the body releases a liquid to protect the injured or stressed muscles. A Lot of the time the liquid gets on the surrounding muscles, not just the injured muscle. The liquid hardens almost like a rock. Aztec massage helps to break up the calcium deposits and help restore muscle flexibility. If untreated it will only continue to get worse.

Can a hip lesion be treated with an Aztec Massage?

Yes! The Technique we use on your muscles allows your bones to move back to the correct place and stay where they need to be. This technique is usually used for chronic hip pain.

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